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Your trademark is the most valuable asset for your business, keep an eye on it at all times. Receive notifications in real time of requests, official documents or processes that may affect you.


Control over your most valuable asset, your trademark.


Daily vigilance against possible risks to your trademark.


Protect your trademark against changes or requirements.


Find out about processes against your trademark instantly.

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All classes

$ 59 USD per month / taxes included
  • Surveillance of 1 trademark.
  • Active search for similarities.
    Búsqueda diaria de solicitudes ingresadas en el IMPI y similares a tu marca.
  • Opposition Alert.
    Alerta por oposiciones en contra del registro de tu marca.
  • IMPI Notices.

    Avisos del (IMPI) en relación a tu marca (anterioridades, negativas, etc).

  • Change alerts.

    Alertas si se realiza algún cambio a tu marca (ej: alguna transmisión o licencia de uso).

  • Litigation proceedings.
    Declaraciones administrativas de nulidad o caducidad.

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Benefits included in your plan

It also includes:

Real-time alerts

Receive all the alerts as soon as an event occurs, in real time.

One place

Have your trademark and your surveillance alerts in one place.


All communication is centralized and can be consulted at any time.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Only you (and our team when you ask for support requests). Your portfolio is not public even if the trademark is.

Only have a file number in the IMPI. The trademark may already be registered or in process but if you have the file number, it is possible to register it. You can search for the number here:

It is certainly possible. Just fill out an order at the following link and we will gladly do it:
This is a feature where we perform a daily search of trademark applications filed with the IMPI that are similar to your trademark registration registered for surveillance.
This function allows us to generate an alert for oppositions that may exist or be filed against the registration of your trademark. It is a very useful function in order to preserve your protected trademark registration.
These are notices from the authority (IMPI) that may exist in relation to your trademark, such as prior art, refusals, etc. It is a very useful function to keep you informed in a centralized way in relation to the notices of the institute.
Alerts in case of any change in your brand. For example, in case there is any transfer or license of use.
It is directly related to administrative declarations of nullity or forfeiture. It is also useful to keep abreast of the processes.
At this moment our service is limited to Mexico.
We handle all payment methods:
  • Payment referenced with SPEI (STP).
  • Payment with Debit and Credit Card,
  • Paypal,
  • Payment in convenience stores, pharmacies and others.
  • It is also possible to pay by credit card in our offices in CDMX (by appointment).
No doubt about it. You can issue it immediately after the accreditation of your payment within your customer area and just by clicking a button and filling in your data. Or we can issue it for you if you provide us with your information.
It can be consulted in any browser since it is not necessary to install anything, so you can do it from any operating system as long as you have a browser.
That's right. The communication is encrypted by SSL and additionally, our website and platform are hosted in first level Datacenters and monitored 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
Support is available all the time the service is active and can be obtained by opening a ticket in your Client Area.

Great experience

At, you have a group of professionals with more than 15 years of experience that will help you to protect your intangible assets.

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By registering your trademark you get:

Physical documents

Once your registrations are completed, we will send them to you in physical form so that you have a physical support.

Virtual archive

Get your own virtual vault to store your trademarks, related documents, etc.​


Receive reminders and notifications regarding your trademarks, renewals, filings and more.


Complement the registration of your brands, make additional registrations of visual material, slogans and more.​



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