Types of Trademarks

According to the Industrial Property Law, there are different types of trademarks, which are classified as follows:


This type of trademark consists only of letters, numbers and/or words that are part of the name of the product or service. The advantage of these trademarks is that since they have no design, they can be used with any typography and any color.


Figurative or unnamed

This type of trademark consists only of a design or logo that does not contain any letter or word, in this case only the logo is registered.


They are wrappings, packages or containers that serve to differentiate a product or service, are made in three dimensions (width, height and depth) and should not contain images or legends.


Smell mark

Odors can be protectable signs and registered as trademarks. To do so, they must comply with the same requirements that are required for the registration of any other sign.


They are a communication tool that, by means of sounds or combinations of sounds, distinguish products or services among competitors and capture the attention of consumers.


Of certification

It is a sign that distinguishes products and/or services whose qualities or other characteristics have been certified by its owner, such as: the components of the products; the conditions under which the products have been manufactured or the services rendered; the quality, processes or other characteristics of the products or services; and the geographical origin of the products. The holder of this type of marks is the one who certifies.


They are those that are composed of a combination of two or more of the above (name, logo, three-dimensional figure). The advantage of this type of trademark is that it allows you, in a single application, to register the logo and the name. The disadvantage is that it must always be used as applied for, so it is not allowed to vary the components of the trademark (colors, shapes and designs).


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