Reservation of rights

It is a faculty granted by INDAUTOR, to make exclusive use of sections such as bulletins, catalogs, TV programs, radio, etc.


Obtain exclusive rights over your creations, only the author of a work can make use of it.


Increases its value by being able to rent, sell or transfer it.


Evita el uso indebido de tu obra al registrarla y blindarla para su mal uso.


Demonstrate strength, vision and commitment by having your trademark.

Reservation of rights

$ 399 USD taxes included
  • Rights reservation procedure
    (Publications, names, characters, etc).

Reservation of rights

These are some of the sections subject to reservation of rights.




TV Show

Radio Programs

Fictional characters

Stage names

Artistic groups

Frequently Asked Questions:

There are certain considerations to be taken into account when registering a stage name, publication, character, etc:

  • The title granted must be used as it was granted.
  • Graphic modifications (typography, color, size) can be made as long as they do not affect the structure and it is distinguishable.
  • Only the letters/words constituting the title should be included when submitting the reservation application, no additional logos or graphics should be included. These elements can be added after the grant.


May be the subject of a reservation of rights:

  • Name of Periodical Publications (newspapers, magazines, directories, bulletins, etc).
  • Name of Periodical Broadcasts (radio programs, tv series, tv programs, etc).
  • Names of Fictitious, Symbolic or Characterization Characters (cartoon characters, comics, tv series, etc).
  • Artistic Names (names of musical groups, artists, singers, actors, etc).
  • Advertising Promotions. 

Although there are certain considerations for registration, any names that fall into these categories are subject to reservation.

It is a faculty granted by INDAUTOR (in Mexico), to make exclusive use of sections such as bulletins, catalogs, TV programs, radio, etc.

The procedure can be carried out by either an individual or a legal entity.

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