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Register your brand to prevent third parties from taking advantage of it.

We are a group of professionals working to protect your brands and your creations to give them additional value.

Trademark registration

Register your trademark in Mexico for $299 USD tax included.


Register your creations in Mexico for only $99 USD


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We have different services to meet the needs of your company or your projects and protect your intellectual property.

15 years of experience

15 years of experience in the registration and safeguarding of intellectual property at your disposal.

The perfect complements for your brand

We offer the perfect blend of intellectual property expertise and technological infrastructure to protect your property.


We provide you with the technology to make the registration of your works as fast as possible.

Response times

Our response times are 60 minutes*. Always get an answer to your requirements

Specialized help

ALWAYS help from professionals in the industry, who will answer your questions and help you with your registrations.

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